NPP General Secretary Aspirant Vows To Unseat John Boadu

An aspiring General Secretary of the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP), Richard Ahiagbah, who’s a leading member of the part in the USA, has joined the race, threatening to kick out John Boadu.

According to him, John Boadu does not deserve to be the NPP’s substantive General Secretary.

Richard Ahiagbah, an Associate Analyst – Fiscal Center, Voices for Illinois Children, declared his intention to Citi News at the Aliu Mahama Sports Stadium in Tamale during the party’s regional delegates congress.

As an observer, he took advantage of the event and introduced himself to the delegates on the sidelines.

He appealed to delegates in the three regions of the north to consider him as the best choice for the General Secretary position.

He explained his decision to get rid of John Boadu, saying, “The truth is that the party stands no chance of experiencing anything new unless you vote for a new General Secretary who will rise to become servant general to accelerate party recovery from years of stagnation and regeneration of grassroots enthusiasm.”

“The time has come to move on from the era of maladministration to efficient and inclusive administration.”

According to him, John Boadu wasted his tenure as acting NPP General Secretary.

“My opponent who has acted for nearly four years as General Secretary has nothing new to offer apart from what he has done with the acting position which has left the party and grassroots in a state of distress and anger.”

Richard Ahiagbah insisted that it will be politically suicidal to retain John Boadu in office.

“Mr. John Boadu has had every opportunity to do right with the grassroots knowing their hard work and sacrifice in 2016, but he chose to neglect the grassroots.”

“The Acting General Secretary has failed among other things to grow the party and create an atmosphere in the party that supports and gives political cover to the government. We need a new person with fresh ideas and commitment to expanding opportunities for greater participation to build a stronger party.”

On his vision, he stated that, “My plan is to organize the party around the grassroots by empowering and resourcing them, and I will put the party back on the right track to success in 2020.”

“I will fight to win the confidence of the grassroots. This is a promise you can trust that as General Secretary I will make the grassroots the center of attention always. I am telling the delegates to stand their ground to vote for change in June, and not be swayed by latter-day tendencies of pretense sainthood and sudden generosity.”

He advised the NPP delegates to push for change of weak party officers at the national delegates congress.

“I am telling the delegates not relent in their determined push for change because that is the only way to refocus the attention of the party on its core electoral objectives and the grassroots.”