Kofi Adams Inciting Supporters To Chase Me Out With Cutlasses - Alabi

Flag bearer hopeful of the main opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), Professor Joshua Alabi has accused the National Organiser of the NDC, Kofi Adams, of inciting party supporters to chase him out with offensive weapons such as cutlasses.

Professor Alabi, who was a guest on Class FM Monday 30 April 2018, also accused Mr Adams of double standards.

Professor Alabi was reacting to claims that instead of focusing on uniting the NDC, he and some others are rather interested in their presidential ambitions.

He said: “Kofi Adams came out openly to tell the world that former President Mahama should lead the party. What was he [Mr Adams] doing?

“Let’s be very clear when we assume leadership of parties. The NDC party is not a party for people just to think that you can just take it and say just anything because it has intellectuals who think….

“Kofi Adams met me in one of the constituencies in Krowor, [it was] reorganisation. That day I didn’t speak, I financed the whole programme there, yes, and he came and he got the opportunity to talk but I didn’t talk, I didn’t campaign, he met me there. We went round… to listen to the problems of the constituency and see how best we could bring the warring factions together… While he was campaigning for somebody, he has asked people in other constituencies to take cutlasses and chase us out when we come in. This is the party that we have; these are the executives that we have. If we want the party to progress the way we want it to progress let’s do things properly”.