‘I Can Create Over 100,000 Job Avenues’

Budding Ghanaian entrepreneur Joshua Opoku Agyemang says he has solutions which can create over 100,000 job avenues in the country

One of his solutions has been awarded ‘Most Needed Solution in Africa’ by the African Entrepreneurship Award.
His team of over 400 mentors spent the months of March to May reviewing over 4,900 business ideas for all regions of Africa.

“Thank you for being part of this journey and for what you’re doing for your country and for Africa,” the organisers said.
In an interview, he disclosed that he started his first company (Pesonet LLC) when he was 19 years with a partner whiles they were at Kofi Annan ICT Centre.

“Our vision was to discover the undiscovered creative, innovative and cutting-edge ideas and solutions to address challenges and problems facing society and businesses in Ghana and Africa.

“For the past six years, we have been indoors thinking, researching, and studying how to solve complex problems, my team has been working very hard in bringing some of our solutions to Ghanaians, we believe our solutions and ideas are going to create more jobs, save a lot of money that get wasted, save lives and impact our societies.

“One of our solutions to address challenges and problems in the petroleum industry is still ongoing, we have been meeting and presenting the solution to the National Petroleum Authority, and we are hoping to get a positive feedback from them, in order for us to bring this great solution, which, we believe, is going to transform the petroleum industry to Ghanaians.

“We believe technology is the only way to solves our millions of problems we have here in Ghana, and with the birth of the internet we have the whole world right in front of us. I don’t see any impossibilities, I just see challenges and obstacles that needs to be overcome, lack of will, great and innovative ideas, determination, resilience, persistence and the list goes on and on. 

“The world is changing and it’s changing at a very fast speed and technology is transforming our way of life, so I will plead with the government to invest so much in the youth and technology because the youth are the future of this great nation and technology is the future of the world.”