Okraku-Mantey Accuse Adom FM And Peace FM of Failing To Promote Highlife Music

President of the Creative Arts Council, Mark Okraku-Mantey has stated without equivocation that Adom FM and Peace FM have woefully failed to project highlife music.

He asserts that the two radio stations instead of pushing highlife have verred off, playing songs urban radio stations are supposed to play.

"Adom FM and Peace FM have failed highlifers. They are supposed to be the channels to lead the highlife because of their target audience. You realise that because the Hitz FMs, YFMs, Live FMs will play the youth's latest, the youth's music does better" he said on Daybreak Hitz, Wednesday.

"Adom and Peace FM who are supposed to play the Akwaboahs, the Kwabena Kwabenas are busy playing the oldies. If they have to play latest songs, they follow what Live FM, Hitz FM are playing. They have left the people they have to sell to," the Slip Music boss added.

As monitored by abrantepa.com, Okraku-Mantey also took on people who claim are disc jockeys (DJ) when they have little or no knowledge about music.

He opined that the influx of these personalities in the system has not been helpful in projecting good music.

"When I was growing up, DJing was a big deal. People had to know good music, had to research to be given the opportunity to have the title 'DJ'. Today, because of PC, everybody can mix. And the moment he mixes, he says he's a DJ. We should have passion for the job" the Programs Manager of Hitz FM noted.

Adom FM and Peace FM are predominantly Akan-speaking radio stations based in Accra.