Dan Lartey Passes Away Into Eternal Glory

Peacefmonline can confirm the death of perhaps one of the country's most prominent politician, Daniel Augustus Lartey, who was Founder and until his death, leader of the Great Consolidated Popular Party (GCPP). Henry Lartey, the first son of "Uncle Dan" or "Domestication", as the GCPP leader was affectionately called, confirmed the demise of his father to PEACEFM's Yaw Obeng Manu. According to him, his father passed away a few minutes after 6pm on Monday, 28th December, at their Kaneshie residence, near First Light. Dan Lartey left for the USA right after President Mills' inauguration in January of this year. Ironically, yesterday marked exactly one month after his return from the USA for Medical treatment. A staunch adherent of Dr. Kwame Nkrumah's policies, Dan Lartey had been the flagbearer of the GCPP on two occasions. His oft-repeated political slogan on the hustings, which has become the butt of many jokes in Ghana, has been with the term domestication. But his mantra has given Dan Lartey instant name recognition. By domestication, Lartey means favouring what is locally produced and strengthening the domestic economy, from agriculture to manufacturing -- for domestic and export markets. Grow what you eat and eat it, says Lartey calling for self-sufficiency in Ghana in the primary economic sector, food, clothing and shelter. He left behind a wife and seven children. Mr. Dan Lartey was born on August 1st, 1926. He was 83years old.