Ex-Prez Kufuor Consoles Family Of Dan Lartey

I have learnt with shock the passing away yesterday of Mr. Daniel Augustus Lartey, Founder and Leader of the Great Consolidated Popular Party (GCPP). Mr. Lartey or ´┐Ż Mr Domestication´┐Ż as he is popularly called, has paid his dues as one of the political stalwarts of our time. A man of great conviction, Mr. Lartey stood by his ideals and defended what he believed in staunchly. The fervor and dynamism he brought to the national political plate at his advanced age were amazing, even to his adversaries. As a veteran politician, Mr. Lartey had his fair share of the political vicissitudes of this country but he never gave up in his quest to see Ghana shaped in the mould of the vision that he had for it. Alas, death has robbed him of achieving that goal. As we mourn the loss of this great son of Ghana, it is beholding on those who share in his dream to sustain it and grow the party he founded as memorial to his great works. Signed: JA Kufuor Former President Republic of Ghana