Allow God Space In Your Marriage

The Takoradi Area Head Pastor of House of Power Ministries International, Reverend Francis Kwasi Aduhene, on Sunday reminded married couples to allow God to take centre stage in their marital life.

This, he noted, was the only sure way of maintaining the purity and sanctity of that sacred institution sanctioned by God when he first created Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden.

The Reverend Aduhene reminded married and would-be couples that marriage was a spiritual bond between a man and a woman which made both complete to share in God's creation.

He was delivering a sermon during a nuptial ceremony at the House of Power Ministries International at Nkroful near Takoradi.

The Head Pastor advised husbands to love their wives as themselves and wives to be humble and submissive to their husbands in fulfillment of scripture.

The Rev Aduhene observed that most wives especially wedded ones did not accord their husbands the needed respect and submissiveness as a result, most marriages were ending up on the rocks.

'Most would-be wives pretend to be what they were not during courtship but revealed their true character after marriage'. 

He entreated husbands to see themselves as head of the family and take good care of their wives and children and exercise the maximum restraint in times of troubles and misunderstanding.