Ashanti Chief Imam Calls For Calm

The Ashanti Regional Chief Imam, Sheik Abdul Mumin Harun, has appealed for calm after the shooting of seven people by police sparked protest and threat of violence at the Central Mosque in Kumasi on Wednesday.

According to him, even though people in zongo communities have been hurt and offended by what appeared to be targeted killings, he wants his fellow Muslim leaders and the youth to be at peace with the police for proper investigations to be carried out with regard to the incident.

Acting President for the Council of Zongo Chiefs in the Ashanti Region, Alhaji Aliu Rufai, has asked all zongo chiefs to rise against arbitrary killings of their youth by the police.

Speaking on ‘Hello FM’ this week, Sheik Mumin Harun described the death of the seven people on Monday as heartbreaking. However, he urged the youth to show restraint in the face of unwarranted provocation. He disclosed that one of the victims, Hannan, was his grandson.

“It has been a trend, and we don’t want to fall victim to the axiom that ‘the deceased is always guilty’ which has been the case at all times,” he stated.

According to him, whether it is by design or divine, it is important to remain calm in order not to disrupt the peace in the Ashanti Region.

Nasiru, the brother of one of the deceased, Musah Seidu, aka Baba Kande, said his family would be solely satisfied after a forensic investigation had been done as regards the matter.

“The police claim it was a gunfight and showed us pictures of the Corolla with perforated bullet holes. How come they were not hit from the back, if indeed the seven were killed in the car?” he asked rhetorically.