Akua Donkor Defends ‘Woman Beater’ Police Officer

Most Ghanaians watched the video of a woman being brutalized by a police officer for trying to withdraw her own money from a bank and felt a pang of pity for her mixed with revulsion for the police officer behaving like an animal.

But for people whose brains work in a confusing manner — like Counsellor Lutterodtand now Akua Donkor — they saw something else entirely.

According to Akua Donkor, the lady in the video was not at the bank to withdraw money as she claimed but she was actually a spy sent by armed robbers to scout the bank for them to rob it later.

Speaking in an interview, the businesswoman cum politician said the beatings she received wasn’t even enough and she should have been beaten more by the officer.

“Women lately negotiate with armed robbers and pull stunts on banks. She said she was withdrawing money, how much money was she taking so much so that she had to spend a week at the bank? It’s obvious she was sent by robbers, it’s what they do.” Donkor claimed.

The founder of the Ghana Freedom Party (GFP) promised to fight for the release of the policeman as he did the right thing in the video.


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