Suspend Re-Negotiation Of Ameri Deal, Its Scandalous - Minority To Government

The Minority in Parliament has called on the government to as a matter of national interest, suspend the re-negotiated Ameri Power deal saying it was riddled with scandalous content and a rip-off.

John Jinapor, the Member of Parliament for Yapei/Kusawgu and former deputy Power Minister addressing a media briefing in Accra Tuesday said government should rather make the details available for broader public scrutiny before going ahead with it, resports Victor Kwawukume.

"Even as we discuss this Ameri agreement, we wish to also bring to your attention yet another scandalous and corruption riddled agreement being re-negotiated by this same Energy Ministry under the 450 Karpower agreement," Mr Jinapor added.

"This re-negotiated agreement is even worse than the Ameri re-negotiated agreement presented to Parliament by Mr Boakye Agyarko.

"Indeed the re-negotiated Karpower agreement stinks... with big fishes in government superintending the looting of the state under this new deal," he said.

He explained that the Minority will soon engage the total Ghanaian public on "this stinking deal and we shall make the details available to you."

"... to extend the Ameri agreement for 15 more years at this inflated cost when we have about two and half years for the plant to revert to government", he said was crimnal and a "major blow to our nation. Everything that has happened so far to the Ameri transaction shows that the NDC did nothing wrong, and rather it is the NPP that has many questions to answer for the way they have handled this matter so far."

"We therefore call on government to as a matter of urgency in the Supreme national interest suspend these deals and make the details available for broader public scrutiny," Mr Jinapor added.