Sniffer Dogs Search Pilgrims

Ghanaian Muslims, who have so far emplaned to Saudi Arabia to perform Hajj, were searched by sniffer dogs at the airport.

Dogs searching the pilgrims at the airport forms part of new security arrangements introduced by the Ghana Hajj Board.

The move is primarily geared towards preventing any of the pilgrims from entering the holy city of Mecca with contraband goods.

Saudi Arabia officials have banned items, including Cola, from being smuggled into Mecca, and offenders would not be spared.

An official of the Ghana Hajj Board, Alhaji Illiasu, said the Hajj Board did not want to take chances, hence adopting the ‘dogs search’ policy.

“Sniffer dogs were made to search the bags and other items of the pilgrims to prevent any of them from travelling with contraband goods.

Aside the dogs, the pilgrims were also made to go through a series of check points at the airport”, Alhaji Illiasu stated in a radio interview.

According to him, every year officials of Saudi Arabia announces the contraband goods in the holy city, which always include Cola.

The Ghana Hajj Board official said even though the pilgrims are aware of the contraband goods, it is good to intensify security before they leave.

He announced that approximately 6,000 pilgrims would leave Ghana to Mecca to perform Hajj this year, giving the assurance that their travel would be smooth.