Sammy Awuku Has A Bright Future And Must Work At It – Kufuor

Listeners of Starr Chart on Accra-based Starr 103.5 FM, Wednesday, August 15, 2018, had a surprise of their lives when a former President of the Republic, John Agyekum Kufuor, showered his blessings on the National Organiser of the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP), Sammy Awuku, and tasked him to work towards realizing his vision.

Awuku, he noted, has a bright future and expects something ‘very high’ from him in his political career.

“You are a virtual son of mine so I am blessing you on this occasion and I am expecting something very high from you. Don’t disappoint. May God bless you”, he prayed for Awuku when he called on phone to share some of his thoughts about the National Organiser of the NPP having contributed to his upbringing into the political landscape of the country.

When asked by host, Bola Ray why he (Kufuor) is expecting something very high from Awuku, he retorted “I am expecting something very high because I believe he’s got the potential and capability to realize it. We need young men like him in our present life. I believe he’s competent and has got the makings of a successful political leader but he must work for it”.

Awuku had appeared on Starr Chart as a guest to be celebrated by the national radio station for his immense contributions to the development of Ghanaian youth.

Commenting further, the former Ghanaian Leader urged Awuku to be a very good public servant while climbing the political ladder, believing that will help him get the support of all to realize his future ambition.

“Let me tell you that you have a bright future and must work to realize this future. Be principled; be visionary and be a very good public servant. Whatever you are doing, never forget that you should be a servant leader for the good of not only the party but for the nation. I am sure you can do it because I’ve known you for quite some time”.