Boko Haram Is Anti- Islam -Muslims Told

Members of the Ghana Muslim Mission in the Brong Ahafo Region have been advised not to associate themselves with Boko Haram from Nigeria which does not conform to the teachings of Islam.

The Brong Ahafo Regional Chief Imam, Sheihk Ahmed Abdulai, gave the advice during Muslim prayers yesterday on the occasion of Eidul Adha in the Sunyani Area 4 Mosque.

He, therefore, asked all Muslims to condemn the activities of the group.

Sheikh Ahmed said: “In Islam even animals that are about to be sacrificed to Allah during Muslim festive occasions are not to be seen by other animals, if that happens it’s Haram so how can you line up human beings and kill them in the presence of their colleagues in the name of Islam. This is not Islamic and I pray that none of you will associate yourself with them, they are anti-Islam,” he emphasized.

Touching on the significance of the occasion and the Muslim prayers, he said that “the instruction from God to Abraham to sacrifice his only son Isaac was a test for Abraham so when he passed, God continued to bless him.”

He said that the killing of animals during Eidul Adha is important and urged all Muslims to always kill healthy animals to get the full blessings of God.

According to him, “Abraham and Sarah obeyed God till the D-day when God asked Abraham not to touch the child but use the ram besides him for the sacrifice.

He entreated Muslims, who want blessings in their marriage, to heed the instructions of Allah.

The cleric said God would only bless those who use healthy, strong and expensive animals to make sacrifices to Him during the Eidul Adha.

“Muslims should not use sick and feeble animals but good and mature ones like sheep, goat, cows and camel that are acceptable to God,” he added.