A Game-Changer vs NDC Subterfuge

At first, our view was that the consistent nagging by the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) about almost everything originating from the ruling  New Patriotic Party (NPP) was nothing but the sulking of a party still reeling from an electoral defeat.

It is turning clearly now that we have been wrong in our estimation, especially, in thinking it would be short-lived and cannot reach the stage of sabotaging programmes of government. We are dealing with killjoys whose modus operandi is to stall anything bordering on development and with the potential of turning the lives of Ghanaians around.

Otherwise why would bona fide citizens of this country, especially politicians, stand in the way of a $2bn Chinese barter arrangement which, as a game-changer, would usher in an unprecedented wave of infrastructural development in the country.

We are amazed that such a party managed to find itself at the helm of power and remained there for many years. Little wonder the country was brought down to the lowest growth notch; a picture the incumbent administration is working hard to reverse through, among other interventions, the Sinohydro Chinese barter deal.

The fact that in pursuance of their diabolical project, they transmitted correspondences to the representatives of the Bretton institutions in the country sounds rich and unbecoming of a group which left the helm only recently.

This and the double pay saga around the neck of those behind the treachery, make them even more unfit to manage a country they claim they love. For us, this class of people standing on the soap box to campaign for votes has no moral right to seek the leadership of this country.

With hopes dashing for the return of the NDC to the helm of governance anytime soon, considering the thousands of Ghanaians falling in love with the free SHS inter alia and the relegation of massive electoral rigging to the dustbin of local history and now an unprecedented infrastructural development across the country in the offing, the largest opposition party have become desperate, even frustrated.

A cleaner approach to winning the hearts of Ghanaians would have been better than subterfuge and outright dirty propaganda. Tamale is on the verge of having its first interchange but the regional capital’s own son is working against the dream.

Ghanaians would be in a better position to witness at firsthand what an amount of $2 billion can accomplish across the country in terms of road, hospital and other infrastructure. What others could not achieve with even more funds, the government would do in style.

An increase in the country’s debt stock and legal implications as grounds for sabotaging Ghana’s cause, falls flat in the face of the reality and wisdom.

For God’s sake, let the NDC allow the party which has been voted into power run the show the best they can. After all, they and not NDC, would be held accountable for their stewardship. They had their chance of turning the fortunes of the country around but preferred profligacy and corrupt practices to value for money projects.