An Admission Of Impunity: Ponkoh Brays

It is sad reading Yamoah Ponkoh’s statement about closing down Databank should the NDC come to power. His statement only confirms the impunity that has become a hallmark of his party.

First of all, it is necessary to point out that Ghanaians have yet to exhibit any desire for a return of dumsor. Ghanaians are also not in a hurry to relive the various financial misappropriation scandals that Ponkoh’s party has been desperately trying to shake off.

While the NPP has had no need to rebrand its image, Ponkoh should be reminded of Spio Garbrah’s recent appeal to shake off the NDC's image as THE corrupt party. Spio Garbrah is right, and Yamoah Ponkoh’s arguments only serve to prove Garbrah’s point.

Not much ink should be wasted on this open admission about the impunity and disrespect for the law that have come to define the once ideologically ethical movement created by Jerry John Rawlings.

Let’s clarify what Ponkoh is saying. Databank was highly successful decades before Ken Ofori-Atta became finance minister. Kwabena Duffuor’s UniBank, on the other hand, only became a real bank in 2009 after he became governor and finance minister. Find the error.

Ghanaians see through Ponkoh’s braying noise in his effort to drown out the results of the audits that finger Duffuor and UniBank's management of allegedly syphoning taxpayers’ and depositors’ money for personal gain. The banking mess, which Ken Ofori-Atta is burning the midnight oil to clean, was created by Ponkoh’s people. All the braying won’t remove that mess from the record.

So, to openly admit that he and his party will act without recourse to the law proves a point. They have never cared about the law. That impunity runs deep, and Ponkoh’s braying only confirms what people already knew.

It is now time to clean up the system and make it work for Ghanaian taxpayers and bank depositors.