Police Torture As Man, 40, Dies In Cells - Family

A 40-year-old man who operates a drinking bar at Tepa in the Ashanti region has died in Police Cells.

Collins Merz was arrested over a month ago on the suspicion of being part of a robbery gang.

He was subsequently transferred to the Central Police Station in Kumasi for prosecution but died in Police custody.

Collins’ family is accusing the Police of torturing their relative to death.

Collins’ brother Richard Merz speaking to Starr News said there are bruises all over Collins’ body indicating that he was tortured and beaten to death.

“There are bruises all over his body, his face, his chest, his stomach and all over his body. They tortured him, the torturing even started from Tepa.

“The crime officer at Tepa put him in a room and put blocks on his body,” Richard said.