Martin Amidu On The Heels Of EC, NLA Officials - Procurement Authority Boss

Chief Executive Officer of Public Procurement Authority, Adjenim Boateng Adjei haven hinted of prosecution of officials of some state institutions for breaking procurement laws and overseeing several infractions.

Adjenim Boateng Adjei gave insights into recent investigations the Authority has conducted assuring that the reports have been submitted to the Attorney General.

He noted that but for the fact that the PPA has no prosecutorial powers, some officials of state institutions would have been dragged to court for those procurement infractions buttressing his claim that all things being equal the general public will hear of some actions being taken soon.

The investigations conducted and findings obtained the PPA CEO explained has caught the interest of the Special Prosecutor who has since requested and received the documents sent to the Attorney General for immediate action.

Unlike in previous years when findings of such investigations were made to rot on the shelves of prosecuting authorities, Adjenim Adjei pointed to the work of the committee set up by the Chief Justice to investigate the EC.

He boasted that the Committee that found sacked EC official guilty of procurement infractions largely based their work on their findings.

"It is important to note that the Authority has in recent times conducted procurement investigations on procurement operations of a couple of state institutions and the reports of these audits have been forwarded to investigative bodies, in fact, we have now received information that the special prosecutor wants copies of these reports which are already with Attorney General and copies with EOCO" he detailed.