Sack Ga East MCE Now – Hassan Ayariga

Founder and Leader of the All People’s Congress (APC), Dr Hassan Ayariga, is demanding the immediate removal from office, Hon Janet Tulasi Mensah, the Municipal Chief Executive of Ga East for demolishing his property and others at Hattso in Accra without prior-notice.

Mr Ayariga at a press conference Thursday, has accused the MCE and others including state security agencies (Ghana Police and the Ghana Armed Forces) for engaging in an illegality of pulling down properties belonging to innocent citizens without a valid court order to carry out such exercise.

According him, the act by the MCE, Hon Janet Mensah amounts to selective injustice, abuse of power and violation of the constitution and has therefore called on the president, Nana Akufo-Addo to revoke her appointment.

“Hon Janet Mensah has abused her powers and her outfit. She, including the Coordinating Director, Mr. Adams have disgraced the Municipal Assembly. The behavior of Hon Tulasi Mensah is a clear violation of the mandate and constitution of the Assembly.

He added that “We can‘t be intimidated by the people in power. The President of the republic is a law abiding citizen and should not allow any of his appointees or party members to tarnish his government or use their office for witch hunting for personal gains.” Dr Ayariga stressed.

On Saturday the 25th of August, 2018, the Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) of Ga East, Hon. Janet Tulasi Mensah, led a combined team of armed military and police personnel to demolish structures of some individuals and private developers including one owned by Dr Hassan Ayariga, comprising of two and half Acres fence wall of 12 feet high, a foundation of a security post and houses sited on lands belonging to the Ghana Atomic Energy Commission (GAEC).

According to the assembly, the developers had not acquired the lands legally and has also failed secure a permit from the assembly before putting up structures.

Hon Jenat Tulasi Mensah told the media during the exercise that “the assembly was liaising with the GAEC to acquire a parcel of their lands to construct a Water Transfer Station and Water Retention Basin separately to address the flooding situation in the municipality.”

She argued that the Assembly has also written officially to the affected persons to stop ongoing works and vacate the lands but to no avail.

Dr Hassan Ayariga has however refuted claims by the MCE and insisted that he legitimately purchased the parcel of land ten years ago from the Odai Nto Family (Traditional Authorities) and had written officially to the Assembly for a permit to build on the land (now demolished), and has made the necessary payments for documentation(s).

He also insisted that, neither him (Ayariga) nor the other affected persons received any official communication from the Assembly ahead of the demolishing.

Dr Hassan Ayariga among other things has calling on President Nana Akuffo Addo to Revoke the appointment of Hon Janet Tulasi Mensah as Ga East Municipal Chief Executive officer.

That the Defense Minister, Hon Dominic Nitiwul to investigate and call to book all the military personnel who were deployed to Harass and intimidate landlords and landladies. Because his military men were used as land guards.

That the interior Minister Hon Ambrose Derry to sanction Police Officers who were also used as land guards in that exercise too.

For the immediate dissolution of the current Municipal Security Council (MuSEC) and a formation of an independent minded members who have qualified experience to manage matter without being biased.

Legal Action
Dr Hassan Ayariga said he has directed his lawyers to file a rite against the MCE and security agencies involved for the injustice meted on him and others are not corrected by the appointing authority.