Meghan Embarrassed After Accidentally Letting Slip Her Pet Name For Prince Harry (VIDEO)

Members of the Royal family have cute nicknames for each other but use it behind closed doors. In public they use their titles.

However, Meghan Markle mistakenly let slip her pet name for Prince Harry and she was immediately embarrassed by it. Her cute reaction to the gafe was filmed and has been shared online.  

Meghan and Prince Harry attended a special gala performance of the hit musical Hamilton on Wednesday, August 29. While at the show, they took a moment to pose with the cast for some photos. 

And as they got into position Meghan worried she was blocking Harry from the camera's view so she turned to him and asked: "Can you see, my love."

The cast of Hamilton chorused, "awww" and immediately Meghan realized what had happened, she said "oh" and looked seriously embarrassed. 



”Can you see my love?“ Ups, Meghan looked genuinely embarrassed after revealing us how she secretly calls her Husband! 😍 and the reaction from the cast is adorable... Man die sind doch soooooo süß zusammen!!!!!

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