Victoria Hamah To Represent Africa At Hindu Congress

Hindus in Ghana will join millions of other believers to participate in this year's World Hindu Congress to be hosted by the US in Chicago.

The two-day event expected to take place from the 7th to the 9th of September is the largest gathering of Hindus globally and serves as a time for deep reflection and exchange of ideas to offer concrete solutions to challenges of the time.

The delegation from the Hindu Monastery of Africa includes a former Communications Minister who served under the John Mahama administration, Victoria Hamah.

Victoria Hammah also happens to be the representative of the Women and Female Youth of the Monastery.

Other members of the delegation are Mr. Attoh - the President and Mr. Sarpong, youth leader of the Monastery.

The three leaders have been delegated by the Head of the Hindu Monastery in Africa to participate in the World Hindu Congress where he was scheduled to deliver a speech on the theme, "Reaching to Unreached" and to participate in a panel discussion on the same.

The former Minister, Victoria Lakshmi Hamah has been a member of the Hindu Monastery of Africa for over a decade.

The Hindu Monastery of Africa has been in existence since March 1975 after its first Hindu temple was established in Ghana and its first Black African Monk, His Holiness Swami Ghananand Saraswati was initiated into the divine order of Sanyasi.

The Hindu religion by 2016 had expanded and built five more branches in three regions of Ghana and one branch in Togo with its members encouraged to become vegetarians.

The World Hindu Congress is an event organised every four years where a variety of discussions are held on key issues including the economy, education, media, politics and leadership and contributions of Hindu community in these spheres.