‘We Are Not Seeing The Change We Voted For’ – Eastern Corridor Road Users

The woes of commuters on the Eastern Corridor road in the Northern Region are far from over as contractors have abandoned the road over lack of funds.

Motorists who use the road have had to go through lots of challenges over the years.

Currently, the two main bridges left in the middle of the road at Lepusi present the biggest problem for users.

They would have to swim in deep waters passing under the bridges.

The two main bridges at Lepusi and Gulnyansi are incomplete.

The situation has forced some drivers to take two-day diversions from Bimbila through Salaga to Tamale.

But travellers to Yendi and other surrounding villages are left with no option than to use the eastern corridor road.

Some drivers who decide to use the road, do so at their own risk as they have to spend days on the road before being able to cross at Lepusi.

During a trip on the road, Citi News counted over ten vehicles parked on both sides of one of the two bridges left incomplete on the Bimbila Yendi stretch.

“One cannot actually pass through. The water has taken a greater portion of the road and we are appealing to government and the contractors to come to our aid to see to it that the eastern corridor road is put to proper shape for the contractors to open the road for us,” a pedestrian said. 
President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo has assured that his administration will fix the Eastern Corridor roads since in his view, the erstwhile John Mahama administration failed to execute the job

“We have suffered enough and I wonder if we are actually Ghanaians that we have to go through this every year. I cannot understand that at this time people still suffer on roads as we do.”

“The road is a challenge to us, we are suffering and the government must provide the funds for the contractors to return to complete the road. We voted for change and we are not seeing anything different. We have the regional minister, the defense minister and several others in this government, but look at what we are going through,” another pedestrian complained.

Some community members along the villages on the road have decided to use communal labour to open the road for vehicles.

They say the diversions created by the contractors on the road have become immotorable and vehicles are falling on the road hence their decision to open the blockades to allow cars to use the tarred road.

”We want to assist the drivers to use the road, the contractors have finished and instead of them to open the road they have blocked it with sand and now see this car has fallen and blocked the road so others can no longer use the diversions. We have to open the road so that the vehicles can pass.”

“As we are doing this if someone appreciates it and give us something to buy water we will be happy, however some people insult us for what we are doing. We want the government to give the contractors money to come and finish the road for us”.

Some drivers who spent a number of days on the road also spoke to Citi News.

”Today is my seventh day here and I am not able to reach my destination as a result of the nature of the road. The road is in a terrible state and we appealing to government to fix the road. My vehicle sunk and fell and I am now in a difficult situation. We have spent two days now and still counting. The cost of maintaining the vehicle is what I am thinking about now. It is not going to be easy. We are appealing to government to quickly release money to the contractors to finish the road for us.”

Meanwhile, when Citi News contacted the engineer working on the road, he said for now they have no money to continue the work on the road, and they could only manage areas that are difficult for motorists.

He also intimated that they have no intention to open the road for use by vehicles.