The Future of The Ghanaian Youth In Limbo

Ten percent of graduates find jobs after their first year of completing school according to data gathered by the Institute of Statistics, Social and Economic Research (ISSER) of the University of Ghana, a speech delivered by Mr. Kofi Asare.

Our country Ghana is also 63 years old under a government with the agenda "Ghana Beyond Aid".

An agenda that could be realised if a greater percentage of the graduates who come out could be gainfully employed.

The youths, as we are all aware are the backbone of every economy but here lies the case where most of the Ghanaian youth are unemployed. Where lies the hope of these ever-ready youth who are keen on making a change in their lives and the destiny of our country? Anytime the issue of unemployment is raised, Ghanaians start to politicize the matter forgetting that the future of the young generation is at stake. Now finding a place to offer internship is even an issue.

In 2017 Ghana witnessed the collapse of two banks namely UT bank and Capital bank where most of the workers were laid off. As if that was not enough, quite recently the bank of Ghana has created a new bank called Consolidated Bank Ghana Limited where five banks namely Sovereign Bank, Beige Bank, uniBank, Construction Bank and The Royal Bank have been merged. Now most of the workers are being laid off.

According to an article published on, it is stated that Groupe Nduom begins mass dismissal of staff. Groupe Nduom of which GN Bank is a subsidiary is about to witness a massive layoff. This shows that conditions in the country are not suitable for companies especially banks to strive.

When ever you turn on the radio or television, all you hear is a massive dismissal here and there. With Ghana also experiencing the collapse of some of its major local companies in recent times, I dare to ask again, "where is the hope for the youth?".

I completed tertiary education this year but I have no hope in the system. To find a job after national service has been a mind boggling one. I am being left to the mercies of God.

I consequently write this piece out of fear. For the only option and resort I have now is to apply for scholarship to do my masters. If luck be my lot and I am selected, then I won't have to worry about work in the next two years, if not, I would have to troll my head looking for employment or starting my business.

The problem doesn't end there as there's no scheme to give out financial support to graduates who want to start their own businesses. The very reason why most of the unemployed graduates tend to rely on the government and private enterprises for work.

Hehe! Here is the case where the already employed workers are being laid off. Where lies the hope again?

Anytime I ponder over this, I realise that the future is virtually blur but once there's life and intuition, I am of great hope that things would swiftly change for the better..

I also pray that this issue would be addressed urgently by our leaders. Thank you.