Abandoned Day-Old Baby Girl Rescued At Klikor

A day-old baby girl, who was dumped in a bamboo grove at Klikor near Agbozume in the Ketu South Municipality of the Volta Region, was on Saturday, August 18, rescued by a carpenter.

     Mama Maamle III, Paramount Queenmother of Klikor, told the Ghana News Agency (GNA) that the infant was found with her umbilical cord pulled out in an apparent attempt to kill her.

     She said the baby was sent to the community midwife who gave her the necessary medical attention.

     Mama Maamle said the incident had been reported to the police and the Social Welfare Department.

    She said the infant was placed on baby food after a wet nurse contracted could not continue her service.

    The Queen mother, therefore, appealed to individuals and benevolent organisations to support her upbringing.

     Mama Maamle noted that unwanted pregnancies often induced unsafe abortions and suicidal tendencies among teenage mothers in particular, and advised parents to show concern during such periods.

     She said traditional leaders must be empowered to crack the whip on immoral practices among the youth, including drug abuse, especially aphrodisiacs, which produced insatiable sexual appetite among male users.

     The baby was christened ‘Kekeli,’ 15 days after she was rescued.