“Don’t Call Us Mormons” – Latter Day Saints Plead

Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints say they are not Mormons as commonly misconstrued, however, they are believers of the Book of Mormon  just as of the Holy Bible.

Mr Marcus Nash, President of the Africa West Area of the Church,  at a media interaction, in Accra on Thursday, said ‘Mormon’ was a nickname given to Joseph Smith, who founded the Church in 1830, in New York in the United States of America because he wrote the Book of Mormon.”

 “When referring to Church members, the term ‘Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints or Latter day Saints are preferred. We ask that the term ‘Mormons not be used,” he appealed.    

 “The Church believes in God, Jesus Christ, and the faith that people will be punished for their sins and not for the sins of Adam and Eve”.

He emphasised that the Church also believed in repentance, Baptism, the laying of hands for the gifts of Holy Ghost and Resurrection for reunion with God in heaven.

 “This Church is not for a special group of people as people think but for everybody,” he declared.

   Answering a question on the opinion of the Church on the Government’s proposal to construct a national cathedral, Mr Nash said: “As a church, we do not get involved in politics but contribute to the development of the youth in our church and beyond”.

He said the Church did not also oppose to a member’s marriage to a non-member, however, members were encouraged by their pastors to marry people with the same faith, adding that, to them the family is the most important unit in a society.

Commenting on the decision of the Government to demand taxes from businesses run by the Churches, Mr Nash said: “We believe in obeying the law”.