The Woes of Suit And Tie

When your dress code to work is suit and tie, society places you on a different social class.

Suit and tie comes with its own pride and prestige. As for the men, the dress code does the talking for them when they are trying to win a lady over. But what we mostly don't know is the pain behind this suit and tie.

Society tends to think that people who wear suit and tie are automatically rich. I am writing this piece because of what I have experienced. I will be using my life experiences most often in this piece and out of this I will provide advice to you all.

I am Stephen, once a contract worker in one of the best banks in the world. I used to wake up mostly around 5am and by 7:40am I find myself at work. Most of my colleagues will be at work by then.

I work tirelessly from then till close to 7:00pm in the evening even though work officially closes at 5:00pm. Not because I will be paid overtime but because I have a target to achieve before the close of day.

I barely have time for food nor to even talk of calling friends to check up on them. Due to traffic, I get home late, most likely around 9:30pm. I get tired from work so after eating I just sleep off.

Basically this is my routine activities during the week and I have been repeating this week after week.

So what am I driving at? After tertiary education, most graduates want to be employed in either the government or the private sector. We form part of a bigger chain where our contributions are highly insignificant. Parents in this sectors work from dawn till dusk.

They barely have time for their wards nor any other person. Even though they are able to provide for their wards, these kids grow apart from them. At old age where they need people around them, there is no one since they never made time for anyone when they were younger.

This "white man’s”job that we crave for is still the same bourgeoisie and proletariat affair that happened some time past. The bourgeoisie's controlled the means of production whilst the proletariat's are used as cheap labour. What do we see today? Laborers go to work, work all day for their bourgeoisie's at a fee.

The only thing that had changed is, the attire they wear and the benefits they enjoy now a days.

Mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters, let's be entrepreneurs. We have one life to live. Being a worker in someone's organization earns you peanut even in this era where the unemployment rate is at an alarming rate.

When you are part of a long chain, your efforts are mostly not seen. Lets be our own boss. Let's start our own businesses.The bourgeoisie was once a proletariat. Everything starts with a change of mind. Have you ever thought of your business being successful and you employing others?

It's possible, everything is possible. You will fail at the beginning but don't let failure be the barrier to your success.

Steve Jobs once said "the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do".

We should aim at leaving a mark on planet earth than just living a life of mediocre. Our generation will forever remember Bill Gate, Aliko Dangote and Dr. Osei Kwame Despite. Why, because they decided to be different.

Dare to be different! Let's chart our own path. Let's be entrepreneurs.