Kojo Bonsu Warns Of ‘Tsunami’ In Upcoming NDC Nat’l Congress

A former Mayor of the Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly (KMA) and flag- bearer hopeful, Kojo Bonsu, is suspicious of change in the party’s leadership following the upcoming national delegates congress.

“There is a tsunami coming…and the real choice of the delegates and the party, as a whole will happen that day. In fact they’ll decide this person didn’t do his work well and must go or that performed very well and must be maintained; but the tsunami that is going to happen, there should be a change in the direction of the party,” Mr Bonsu said in Accra last Wednesday.

The former mayor who’s been hammering on the fact that the current status quo of the party leaves much to be desired said it was the wish of the delegates that something must be done for the disgruntled grassroots by the failed administration of the past.

“I’m not here to mention names…but from the research if you go down, there is going to be a tsunami. Even if it becomes 70% is a total overhaul; at least 70-80% because the party wants something different, the party wants something new, and the party wants to know that they’re part of decision-making,” he noted.

Mr Bonsu together with Joshua Akamba were the brains behind the party’s “Unity Walks” which were organised to restore hope for the disgruntled members of the party after the party’s worst defeat ever in 2016 election.

However, after his declaration to contest the NDC race, Joshua Akamba, who’s a closest pal of Bonsu, has distanced himself from his presidential ambitions and described Mr Bonsu as a traitor.

Meanwhile, the National Democratic Congress (NDC) has announced Saturday, November 3, 2018 as the date for its national delegates’ congress at the Trade Fair Centre in Accra where the party is expected to elect national officers to steer the affairs of the party towards the 2020 general election.