Ghanaians Want NDC Back — Alhaji Sorogho

A national vice-chairman aspirant of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Alhaji Amadu Bukari Sorogho, has said that his decision to contest for the slot is in response to the cries and calls by Ghanaians for the NDC to come back to power.

According to him, “Ghanaians are suffering and crying everywhere you go. They are calling for the NDC to come back.”

His response to those calls, he said, was to vie for the position in order to use his vast stock of experience to complement the national executive committee and the party in general in bringing up policies to win the people back.

Not on a silver platter

Alhaji Sorogho who was speaking to the Daily Graphic in an interview said even though the party believed that the people of Ghana were crying for the NDC to come back but “they would not give it to us on a silver platter.”

It was for that reason that he had decided that even though the Madina people were calling him to come back, “I have realised that there is a bigger picture out that is why I decided on the position of a national vice-chairman.”

From that position, he was confident that there was more he could do to help the people of Madina.

Commenting on his political mileage, he recounted that he had been a Member of Parliament (MP) for 12 years, having taken the seat from the New Patriotic Party (NPP) in 2004 and having retained it on three occasions.

“On the fourth occasion, the tsunami that swept across the country affected me but we all know now that it was a wrong tsunami. The signals were totally wrong. The people of Ghana now know that the tsunami that came was something that was intentionally brought. Total lies and fabrications. They labelled the NDC as being corrupt and incompetent. They made promises that could never be fulfilled as we are witnessing today,” he said.

NPP’s deception

Alhaji Sorogho said Ghanaians were witnesses to how the NPP had messed up the economy recounting that prior to the 2016 elections Vice President Mahamadu Bawumia had been going from one lecture to another preaching that the fundamentals of the economy under former President Mahama were weak and that “we were trying to hide but the exchange rate would expose us.”

But today, he said, “we are all witnesses to that lie and the lie of providing each constituency with US$1 million per year, one district, one factory, fuel and electricity price reduction, restoration of trainee nurses and teacher allowances and so many things.”

He said the NPP had not been able to fulfil any of the numerous promises made and that the only one that it had attempted was education which was even in a woeful state.

“Our education has now become like the traffic light where green means go, red means stop, creating confusion within the entire system where children are packed like sardines and dining rooms turned into classrooms and teachers are over-burdened because there is no planning,” he remarked.

Going forward, he stressed the need for the NDC as a party to come together, saying “we do not have room for any leisure anywhere. Ghanaians are weeping and are calling on the NDC to save them. That is why I have come in to be part of that group to help salvage Ghana.”