I Have Really Suffered; Don't Try Me - Shatta Wale Warns 'Haters'

Dancehall artiste, Shatta Wale has warned he would deal with whoever makes an attempt to stifle his progress as he has had enough of the attacks on his career.

While performing at the launch of his ‘Reign’ album, a tearful Shatta Wale indicated that his journey has not been rosy, stressing that many have always wished he fails.

“The way this Ghana music industry make I suffer… I suffer for Ghana too much; nobody for try me. Nobody for worry me for Ghana. Dem no go fit me, I swear. Why me alone, everybody dey fight me?” he queried.

After stepping the threshold of the music industry in the early 2000's, Shatta Wale who was formerly known as Bandana went on a hiatus until he bounced back in 2012.

Through controversy, the dancehall artist has since then stayed on the lips of many therefore helping him build a huge following.

Some persons who appear not to like his mannerism have chastised him while others have showed admiration for his craft.

Recently, showbiz critic, Prince Tsegah stated that he was of the greatest conviction that the Ghanaian media is tired of Shatta Wale. He argued that Shatta Wale’s inconsistent posture coupled with his constant attacks of other artistes seem to have made him lose some friends in the media.

Shatta Wale however asserted that people who are against him lack understanding of how he operates.