STATEMENT: Presbyterian Church of Ghana Has No Investment With Menzgold

The attention of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana (PCG) has been drawn to an article going viral on social media and some news portals under the headlines;
‘Presby Church Pastor takes Menzgold to court over investments’.
‘Menzgold and NAM1 sued for locked Presbyterian Church’s investment’ and others.

According to the story a Pastor with the PCG, Rev. Joseph Appiah Odei, has dragged Menzgold and Nana Appiah Mensah to court protesting what has been described as “locked” church investment by Menzgold.

The PCG by this statement is making it clear that it has not invested any money belonging to the Church at any level with Menzgold as the article on social media and other news portals is seeking to portray.

The story is therefore false and factually inaccurate, grossly misleading and totally misrepresentative.

The fact of the story is that, Rev Appiah Odei who is a Minister of the Church invested money with Menzgold on behalf of his brother who resides outside the country.

After failing to retrieve the said investment from Menzgold, decided to take legal action against the company in order to retrieve the money and accrued interest. It is therefore inappropriate and mistaken to link the Church to such a purely private matter which it has no interest.

The PCG therefore wishes to call on all members of the Church both home, and abroad and the general public to ignore the story and treat it with the contempt that it deserves.

The PCG believes that the article is a calculated attempt by some individuals to bring the hard won reputation of the Church into disrepute.

It is worth noting that the structures and systems of the PCG will not permit a Minister of the Church nor any individual to take money out of the Church’s coffers and invest it anyhow. Besides, no individual can go to court on behalf of the Church unless permitted to do so.

Peace be unto you all. Amen


Rev George E. Larbi

Public Relations Officer

Presbyterian Church of Ghana