'I'm Not Going To Upper East To Eat Tuo Zaafi' - Ms Abayage

The Upper East Regional Minister-designate, Ms Paulina Patience Abayage, says she is not going to the region to be eating TZ [tuo zaafi], a local dish prepared with maize flour.

She told the Appointments Committee of Parliament (ACP) on Monday that she would be travelling to Accra often to knock at the doors of sector ministers to send development projects to the Upper East Region.

She mentioned the Minister of Roads and Highways, the Minister of Trade and Industry and the Minister of State in charge of Special Development Initiatives as some of the Ministers she would be pursuing for roads, factories and dams.

But the Chairman of the ACP, Mr Joseph Osei - Owusu, cautioned the nominee against making such promises because it was difficult to get the ministers.

For instance, he said, he and his colleagues were close with the ministers but getting them to push for the execution of projects was difficult.

Ms Abayage is Ghana's Ambassador Extraordinaire and Plenipotentiary to Italy with concurrent accreditation to Serbia and Slovenia.