John Mahama Should Account For June 3rd Flood Victims Donation.

The Concern youth of Circle - Odawna wish to welcome his excellency, John Dramani Mahama to the Klottey korle constituency's part of his campaign to lead the National Democratic Congress for the 2020 elections. It is our prayer that the conduct his campaign exercise in peace without any assault on a journalist or his party members getting injured .

We wish to draw President Mahama attention to the terrible state in which he left the June 3rd Disaster Victims.

The Klottey Korley Constituency is bitter about the June 3rd Flood Disaster, over 1000 household were affected by the avoidable flood which killed more than 200 citizens under president Mahama regime.

Our Community has never experience such horror and terror. President Mahama promised to released GHC 50,000.00 CEDIS for the victims, but not even (GHC1.00) has been given to anyone.

We are aware of the millions of Ghana Cedis realised by way of donations and relief items collected by John Dramani Mahama government on behalf of the victims.

As President Mahama visits the constituency, there is a moral duty on him to address this thorny matter. In the 2016 elections, we voted massively against him because his incompetent handling of this JUNE 3RD Flood Disaster.

President Mahama should give us an account of the Millions of Ghana Cedis realised from the donationsmade to the Flood Victims. We demand that President Mahama should also use this good good opportunity to apologize to the June 3rd Flood Victims for his wicked neglect.