Akufo Addo Is Sensitive To The Plight Of Ghanaians – Mame Yaa Aboagye

Indeed, the 2019 Budget is the beginning of the “Ghana Beyond Aid” initiative, Deputy Communication Director of the ruling party Mame Yaa Aboagye has said.

Prior to the Budget reading, majority of Ghanaians were confident the budget which was captioned by many as the “Budget of Hope and Financial Freedom” was going to be a breakthrough and the country will embrace 2019 as a year of financial freedom and jobs.

Even though the minority in Parliament had predicted a budget with increased taxation per their press conference held on Tuesday ahead of the budget reading by the Finance Minister, they can now attest to the fact that President Akufo Addo’s Government is indeed “Walking the Talk”.

The 2019 Budget did not have any Tax increment but rather had existing taxes reviewed. One of the major reasons why the NPP Government had to put certain measures in place was as a result of the IMF restrictions which had crippled the government in relation to certain policy decisions.

Infact, the NDC Government in 2016 had to run to IMF after virtually running down the economy and chewing it to the bone. They had no option than engage the IMF in a Credit Facility Loan Programme.

The NPP Government upon assumption of office in 2017, did not want to exit the Credit Facility Loan arrangement with the IMF prematurely so had to put strategic measures in place on how best we could end the programme without incurring any additional economic deficiencies on the part of government. Today we have all witnessed that the economy is better. Debts have been paid off and our Debt to GDP ratio has dropped from 73.1% to 66%.

The 2019 Budget focuses more on industrialization and to also deepen government’s flagship programs or initiatives.

Implementations of these initiatives will be different in the year 2019 because, Ghana has become one of the fastest growing developing countries in the world hence, the urgency to bring total relieve to Ghanaians and also achieve our Ghana Beyond Aid Agenda.

Government through the budget has outdoored plans to restructure the Infrastructural sector by putting our roads into good shape. Government has also indicated that more employment avenues will be created in 2019 as we prepare to exit the IMF Extended Credit Facility programme.

The NPP Government remains resolute in enhancing the livelihood of the Ghanaian people by building an economy that is more viable and resilient enough for private sector growth. Just as we iterated in opposition that we will create an atmosphere of conviviality for the private sector for businesses to thrive and thrive well. We have a vision of building a Ghana Beyond Aid, A Ghana that will be more independent and won’t run to foreign donors for financial support.

I urge Ghanaians especially the Youth to take advantage of the policies that would help them start up their businesses and also expand existing businesses. This Budget is a Budget for all Ghanaians irrespective of your political affiliation. It would be a disaster if one should think that the opposition NDC will come back again.

It is also a clear indication that the NPP government will indeed be around for a long time.