Fantasy Dome Swims In Filth After NDC Congress

FOLLOWING the just ended national executive elections of the leading opposition party, the National Democratic Congress (NDC), over the weekend, the venue has been left in an appalling situation.

The congress which unprecedentedly traveled for three days saw about 9,350 delegates converging at the Fantasy Dome of the Trade Fair Centre to elect leaders to steer the affairs of the party towards the 2020 general election.

When DAILY GUIDE visited the venue at about 4pm yesterday, the Fantasy Dome and its surroundings were covered in so much filth. All sorts of items ranging from polythene, empty bottles and cans, left over foods, among others, were seen at virtually every space of the venue.

A few old women from Zoomlion Ghana Ltd. were seen sweeping some portions of the place gathering the rubbish in heaps. It did not look likely that they would be able to finish before the day ends as it had rained a few minutes earlier and the workload seemed too herculean for them.

Some Journalists were disallowed from entering the main auditorium where the elections were held. They were also disallowed from taking shots of the scene as a gentleman came to inform them that “a directive” from his boss does not permit them to do their work.

Another gentleman approached this reporter and in an unfriendly tone said to him, “You are here to make our work difficult”, after one of the security personnel at the entrance had earlier stopped him from taking photographs.

Consequently, the reporters were banished from the venue with a promise that, they can come the next day after the cleaning might have been done. They were also told that the boss would be around after 10am today and that’s when he would be willing to speak to the media.