Viasat1 introduces new TV programmes

Viasat1, a leader in television entertainment programming in Ghana, has introduced three new programmes this January to augment the existing captivating programmes for the viewing public. A statement signed by Mr Stephen Addae-Baah, Public Relations Officer of Viasat1 said the new programmes were “Domino”, “Storm Over Paradise” and “Car Quest”, adding that they were due to start showing from January 25, 2010. “Domino would commence on January 25 at 19:30hours, ‘Storm over Paradise’ begins from January 26 at 15:00hours and ‘Car Quest’ has already started showing at 18:30hours on Saturdays,” it said. The statement said “Domino” was a West African series, which portrays the life of a wealthy owner of a formidable conglomerate, who acquired his wealth illegitimately and eventually tried to make peace with people he hurt in the processing of acquiring his ill-gotten wealth. “Storm Over Paradise” is a Mexican Telenovela, which portrays a battle between love, destiny, greed and an enduring curse over a black pearl, whiles “Car Quest” is an exciting documentary on how far the car manufacturing industries worldwide have traveled from time past till date. A Synovate/Stedman Group research report recently named Viasat1 the best in TV programming channel in Accra, with the best superior sound and picture quality and most very consistent in programme schedule. Viasat1, last season, introduced the African series, “My Mum and I”, which ended recently. It said the African series was by all standards a hit with the viewing public and many advertisers also bought into it. It assured viewers and advertisers that with these new additions, Viasat1 would remain number one and continue to offer the best viewing experience and value for money for advertisers.