2 Ethnic Groups Threaten Referendum Boycott

With the creation of the proposed new regions, Mamprusis and Tampulmas on Gonja lands have threatened to boycott voting if they are forced to join the proposed Savannah Region, because they prefer to be part of the proposed North-East Region.

According to them, their request has been informed by frequent attacks on them by some Gonja natives, the lack of access to better healthcare, lack of educational facilities, peace and security in the areas.

In an exclusive interview with DAILY GUIDE, Spokesperson for the Tampulmas community in the Gonja Traditional Kingdom, Amadu Latif, said any attempt to add them to the proposed Savannah Region would be chaotic and it could spell doom for them and their children.

Responding to suggestions that the creation of the new region would bring about development, stability and peace, the spokesperson declared “. . . we will boycott the voting exercise should our plea not be heard.”

Mr. Isaac Azindo, the Mamprusi Spokesperson in North Gonja, told DAILY GUIDE that their decision to join the Tampulma community to be added to the North-East Region was as a result of their quest for peace, stability, growth and development.

According to him, the creation of the region is very laudable and commendable but “it’s not in our interest to be added to the proposed Savannah Region.”

He indicated that although they want the region to be created, they prefer to be part of the North-East Region where, according to him, they would have access to quality education for their children, improved healthcare and the peace they had been yearning for over the years.

According to Mr. Isaac Azindo, they would not, like the Tampulmas, participate in the referendum that would lead to the creation of the proposed Savannah Region, because there had not been any review of the existing voter register for the area.

The Mamprusis and Tampulmas living on Gonja lands made this known when they called on the Overlord of the Mamprusi Traditional Area at his residence at Nalerigu.

Meanwhile, Tarana John, a representative of the Nayiri, has indicated that the Nayili has received the petition presented to him by the two communities.

According to him, the Nayili has agreed to grant the request of the two communities but said “Nayili is yet to discuss with his elders when the need arises; he will send a delegation to the Yagbonwura concerning his response to the request made by the two communities.”

The electoral commission has announced December 27, 2018, as the day for the referenda.