I Suggest A Letter To God By Manasseh To Handle Jospong

When I sit and think straight about the problem Manasseh may have with Dr. Joseph Siaw Agyepong, the owner of Zoomlion Ghana Limited, I see pure malice! Is it Manasseh who has gone to write to Mr. Agyepong’s Pastor again? Maybe he should now write to God. I say this because, Manasseh Azure Awuni has written to many mortals about Jospong and Zoomlion and it has changed nothing.

For instance, he wrote to H. E. Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, President of the Republic of Ghana when he visited the man’s waste management facilities in Accra and urged him to continue the good works, it is like every story Manasseh writes concerns Jospong otherwise why would writing about Mrs. Charlotte Osei’s sack from the Electoral Commission inadvertently become a waste management and corruption article on Jospong?

Somebody need to tell Manasseh to petition God on Agyepong and his businesses. Dr. Agyepong unlike many Ghanaian business men do not even have taste or fancy the things of the world such as splashy houses, posh cars, womanizing celebrity ladies, drinking of alcohol and enjoying at Casinos and billionaires’ clubs. All he can use money for is to eat and solve Ghanaian problems and Manasseh say no or Manasseh are you God? If you are not God then please kindly write to God and state all the contracts as you have stated to the Pentecost Chairman Apostle Nyamekye to address it for you. I say this because Apostle Nyamekye is a human being like you and Mr. Agyepong.

A philanthropic entrepreneur who has created so many jobs in Ghana and in other African countries such as Liberia, Togo, Angola, Zambia, Serra Leone and Equatorial Guinea is being hatred this much by his own countryman in his own country?

If the same Manasseh had Siaw Agyepong in his church, he would sing praises for a relationship. You don’t even understand that you can’t befriend all prominent people nor can you succeed at all times when you go begging or striking deals with business men to shield them? The man simply refused to do what is ungodly as his church training doesn’t permit him and you have kept this deep rooted hatred for him and his businesses? Oh so bad.

If you think he has under deals, humble yourself and request to meet him and he will explain every bit of it to you rather running and casting these numerous allegations against the man. It is yours to say you don’t hate Dr. Agyepong and ours to read between the lines and see the pure greed and malice in you and your actions against Jospong.

If you don’t mind just write to God to help address this matter once and for all.