Marriage: Paradise For Hubby, Battlefield For Wifey

A man is a man whether he’s a bachelor or a spouse
A woman is fully validated as one when she is made a wife

A boy is not necessarily raised to be a good husband
A girl is consciously trained to be a helper and homemaker

All that is expected of a man is to provide the ring and the babies
A woman is expected to make the marriage work and raise the kids well

While the groom is tapped on the back for taking the step to join the table of men
The bride is prayed for to receive wisdom to keep the marriage on its feet

For a man, marriage is a rite of passage
For a woman, it is a huge favor done her

A cheating husband is considered an expected flaw in biological behavior
A cheating wife is inexcusably flawed; a bane to the institution of marriage

A cheating husband feels entitled to be forgiven; it couldn’t be helped
A cheating wife to be forgiven is considered a favor; and is constantly reminded so

A divorced man is sympathized with and deserves a second chance at love
A divorced woman is a failure; must be investigated before committing to her

For a man, marriage should be a paradise where he is worshipped
For a woman, marriage is a battlefield to keep all opposing forces away

A man is a man regardless of his faults
A woman is only deemed a worthy one when she keeps to societal expectations

Until the field is leveled for both sides
Until men are made to feel equally responsible for the success of their marriages
Taught to be helpful and counseled to be faithful to their spouses
The scales will always be tilted creating an imbalance
And sooner or later, one is bound to fall

Husbands and wives should love and submit to each other
A man who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favor from the Lord
A woman who fears the Lord shall be praised!