The End Is Near Indeed! — Church in Nigeria Selling Prayer Recharge Cards for Congregants to Buy — PHOTOS

It’s amazing how every day these charlatans masquerading as ‘men of God’ are able to bring out new ways to chop the monies of their congregants.

Sadly a lot of the religious people on this continent refuse to use their brains when it comes to their pastors, they are also able to use that and keep enriching themselves whilst milking the poor people flooding the churches looking for hope.

In Nigeria, apparently, there’s currently a church which is selling prayer recharge cards to their members.

The cards, known as the ‘Prophetic prayer card’, apparently can be used to get a prayer to God and are sold for ‘only’ 200 Naira.

One Twitter user put the scratch cards on social media with the caption: “It’s 2019, praying for yourself is no longer enough, you have to subscribe too! It’s heavenly subscription. Imagine going to hell because we refused to subscribe.”

Oh, and you can also buy the card for someone else. Now if you’re too exhausted to pray, you just have to buy a scratch card and all will be well.

God is good indeed.