Sweeping Victory For Theresa May As She Wins All But One Vote In Commons Showdown

Theresa May hailed a 'way forward' on Brexit tonight after emerging victorious from a dramatic Commons showdown where she pushed her plan past MPs and saw off Remainer bids to delay the UK's departure.

The PM triumphed in four critical votes, including defeating by 321 to 298 a cross-party amendment that would have paved the way for the UK's departure date to be pushed back from March. There was crumb of comfort for Remainers as they won a symbolic vote urging no deal is ruled out - although it is not binding on the government.

After the bombshell results, which give her a mandate to return to Brussels and get concessions on the Irish border backstop, the premier vowed to 'redouble her efforts' - while admitting it 'will not be easy'.