Domelevo Chases Aged Workers

The Auditor-General, Mr Daniel Yao Domelevo, has served notice that government workers who have reached their retirement age and are still on government’s payroll will be expunged by May 2019.

This follows the completion of an audit of overaged staff on the payroll.

According to Mr Domelevo, a 30-day ultimatum will be given to such public servants and by May 2019, their names will be expunged to create room for the unemployed youth.

Speaking at the 5th Delegates Conference of the Audit Service Division Union of the Public Sector Workers Union of the Trade Union Congress (TUC) in Kumasi, Mr Domelevo said: “At the end of the payroll audit, we are going to chase out those who are on the payroll unlawfully because people benefit from it.

“People don’t know how payroll can be a source of wastage in the public sector, and I know that within a year, between 12,000 and 15,000 leave the bill. So, if half of that number remain on the latest, multiply it by whatever salary you’re thinking about and see the amount of wastage.

“We shall also identify those who are overage because, under Article 199 of the Constitution, which is the supreme law of Ghana, it says that if you are a public servant, at the age of 60 you go home. However, depending upon the exigency, you can be given a contract for two years, two years and one – a maximum of five.

“But some workers are 66 years, 67 years, 68 years, 69 years, 70 years and they are still there. When are they going to go? We are going to come out with these names and disallow their existence on the payroll so that they follow up to the high court and go and appeal against it.”