Local Economy Booms In Yendi, Following Yaa Naa’s Investiture

Economic activities increased in Yendi, the traditional seat of Dagbon 'Namship' in the Northern Region before, during and after the investiture of Yaa Naa Abukari Mahama II which happened last Friday in Yendi.

The influx of people into the ancient town of Yani to take part and witness this historic traditional event brought in its wake increase in business activities as members of the business community in Yendi seized the opportunity to make some money.

The event attracted a lot of people from far and near, including expatriates, which offered an opportunity for increase in business activities.

The imposition of a dusk -to-dawn curfew on Yendi and its environs on January 18 , 2019 ahead of the ‘outdooring’ ceremony of Yaa Naa Abukari 11, as part of the security measures, did not deter people from travelling to Yendi to witness the epoch making event.


Among those who benefited from the event were commercial transport operators, car rental businesses and operators of domestic airlines from Accra to Tamale .

Patronage of motorbikes and tricycles, popularly known as ' Yellow Yellow', ' Keckec' for the two-hour journey from Tamale to Yendi skyrocketed as they were seen moving to and fro.

Baba Musah Ali, a driver, could not also hide his excitement saying he and his colleagues had benefited immensely from the investiture of Yaa Naa Abukari II as there were, ‘an overflow of passengers from Yendi to Tamale throughout the period.’

He said on the eve of the ‘outdooring’ ceremony, he and his colleague drivers made three trips from Tamale to Yendi and from Yendi to Tamale due to the scarcity of buses as a result of the influx of people.

Organisers of various events also rented buses to convey patrons to and from Yendi.

Fuel filling stations also cashed in on the continuous transportation of people to and from Yendi.

Communities along the Tamale-Yendi road also benefited immensely from travellers who stopped to consume roasted yam, groundnuts, khebab, among other delicacies.


Hotels and guesthouses in and around the Yendi municipality were not left out in the business boom as all these facilities were fully booked throughout the period.

A hotelier in Yendi, who gave his name only as Kamal, said he recorded an increase in his business as all his hotel rooms were fully booked for a month till the ‘outdooring’ of Yaa Naa Mahama II.

"Now that this chieftaincy issue has been resolved, Yendi, once a vibrant town, will be opened up for more business activities and investors.” he said.

Food sellers

Food vendors, water and non alcoholic beverage sellers, Khebab sellers were not left out in the business boom.

Hajia Memunatu Sulemana Seidu, a food vendor, said had to add extra pots to cook more food to meet the demand.

Ayishetu Abubakari, a water and soft drinks seller, said she people bought her wares to the extent that she could not serve them cold anymore as everything she put in her refrigerator were bought immediately.

Rafuitu Iddrisu, who also sold water and non alcoholic drinks, could not hide her joy for the boom in sales and expressed the wish that the new state of affairs would remain.

"I hoped with the 16-year-old protracted chieftaincy crisis over and with a new Yaa Naa on the throne, business activities will continue to boom in Yendi" she added.

Other businesses

Wholesalers of commodities in Tamale also had their share in the business boom as retailers from Yendi came for bulk supplies to meet demands that had quadrupled as a result of the huge patronage of the event.

Smocks and other artifacts sellers also recorded increased sales, while the telecommunication service providers also cashed in on the huge crowd.

Traditional ' Dondon' beaters and 'gonje' strings strikers, who welcomed patrons to the event, made a lot of money as patrons dished out money to them in appreciation of their melodies.