Afoko Would've Been Set Free . . . - Family Claims

Spokesperson for the Afoko family, Robert Atong Asekabta, claims the case of murder levelled against Gregory Afoko which has travelled almost 4 years, would have eventually been ruled in the accused's favour because he is innocent.

According to him, the family of Gregory Afoko, having followed the court proceedings  from its initial stage, were fully convinced by the witnesses’ statements and social media report that the case was moving in their favour.

Speaking on Okay FM’s "Ade Akye Abia" Morning Show, Mr. Atong Asekabta claims Gregory Afoko is actually innocent of the murder charge against him, but some in government feared the decision of the court could embarrass the ruling party if they allow the case to continue.

Yes, we were very sure that Gregory would have been exonerated because we have heard and gone through the case and those of us at home have been reading the proceedings on social media and we were thinking that it was going on well and we also believe that he is innocent. Greg is actually innocent and we believe him and we know he was gradually moving towards freedom,” he asserted.

The Family spokesperson wondered why the State cannot deal with the second murder suspect, Asakbe Alangdi separately and continue with the case of Gregory Afoko as the judgment was about to be pronounced very soon since all witnesses had already been called to make their statements.

We don’t see the reason why they should arraign them together when Afoko’s case had gone far to the point of hearing the final ruling of the judge on the case. Worse of it is that, immediately at the time that judgment was going to follow up, the Minister of Information suddenly comes in to announce that this case should be reversed; go back to stage one, to mean what?”

“So if Gregory has stayed for 4 years and the other case which is coming in now is another 4 years, so Gregory is to be in jail for about 4 more years or more others...because as for cases, they can even take 10 years,” he bemoaned.

He, however, gave the assurance that the family of Gregory Afoko will not rest until justice is served in the interest of their son [Gregory Afoko]; “we shall go everywhere to ensure that Gregory is free...we shall go to the Human Rights Court and everywhere that we feel we can get justice for Gregory”.