I love It When Ladies Are All Over My Man - Actress

Ghanaian actress and wife of Choir Master, Beverly Afaglo has said that she enjoys the attention other ladies give her husband. According to her, even though other women think it’s strange, she finds it entertaining.

Speaking in an interview with Joy Fm’s Lexis Bill, Beverly said: “Funny enough, I love it when women love my man. When I say it they say I am a strange woman, but when I see people are not noticing my husband again, am like you need to shave, you need to go and do your hair. I need people to be all over my man then I say yeah, that’s my man”.

The actress also added that she and her husband respect each other’s work and hence she is okay with the sometimes busy schedules.

“He gets busy as well and he is most at times traveling. Some musicians are Accra musicians but Praye is for the whole Ghana so he gets to travel a lot. When he’s out and we home we don’t complain”.

Beverly also admitted that as a celebrity couple, they face challenges with regards to living a particular lifestyle.

“There’s pressure on us most of the time for so many things. Most people see celebrities as rich and famous so when they see you and you are not driving let’s say a G-Wagon; they are like okay, what happened?, she said.

She however was quick to add that they also ordinary humans and should be seen and treated as such.

Beverly Afaglo and Choir Master have been married for six years and they have two kids together.