NDC National Executives Strategically Campaigning For Mahama - Dela Coffie

An NDC Activist, Dela Coffie is alleging that the National Executives of his party have taken an entrenched position to favour former President John Mahama in the Presidential Primary on February 23, 2019 in a contest which ought to be free and fair.

According to him, before the party gave out the guidelines for the election to be conducted, it has come out clearly for every party activist to know that even before nomination was opened, National Executives have come out openly to say John Mahama should lead the NDC for 2020 elections.

“We have had instances where the General Secretary, the National Organizer, I mean all the bigwigs of the party want John Mahama to lead the party...I have on tape the voice of the Central Regional Chairman, E.K.T Addo asking people not to mobilize people for Gossie Tanoh...this is clear  agenda they are setting for John Mahama. He told party members not to go and listen to Gossie Tanoh...he was heard saying it is Mahama or nobody else,” he asserted.

Speaking on Okay FM’s ‘Ade Akye Abia’ Morning Show, Dela Coffie fumed saying his party’s National Executives are not giving respect to the party’s guidelines which empowers all Presidential Aspirants to have a fair hearing as they tour the country.

He maintained his party executives are trying hard to impose John Mahama on the party, throwing away the democratic tenet they should embrace to ensure free and fair election once people pick nomination forms to contest for the highest seat of the party.

“. .if the party is not ready to practice democracy, it won’t ask party members to pick forms and contest an election . . . the executive members who are referees in this game are not supposed to take sides. They have the voting rights but they are not supposed to campaign for any candidate, but they have breached the rules. They are openly saying that it is John Mahama that we are going with. This is against the rules of the game,” he pontificated.

He has envisaged that after the Presidential Primary there will be a lot of issues due to the fact that every strategy of the National Executives is geared to favour former President John Mahama; thus, it will be difficult for those who will be affected to accept the outcome of the election and move on.

He therefore admonished that the NDC can be seen as a party ready for power in 2020 if the party will do everything possible to ensure that there is fair level playing field for every aspirant; hinting the aspirants as at now don’t have the voters’ register, claiming it is one of the ploy of the national executives to skew the election to favour John Mahama.

“All these things are being done to favour John Mahama because all they are saying is that it is Mahama we are going with, and when you do that and Mahama wins, ask yourself whether all these supporters of other aspirants are going to rally behind him in 2020 elections,” he said.