OPINION: Another Reason For The NDC Government To Blow Money

The Mills lead NDC Government is to spend more millions of Ghana Cedis for free "To and Fro" Angola on Air ticket for 200 Ghanaians to support The Ghana Black Stars in Angola on Sunday. The major burning problems affecting Ghanaians are not only left unattended but given deaf ears. Some of our Children are still schooled under trees while others sheltered under palm leaf roofed structures. Majority of the Ghanaians are sleeping in darkness due to lack of electricity supply. 45% of the Ghanaian Population must fetch water from distance streams and rivers daily due to permanent inadequate water supply in the Country. Our feeder roads are turning to valleys which make it very difficult for the Farmers to transport their products to sell in the cities because of heavy transport charges. Heavy traffic jam is hitting all over the cities. Public transportation system is deteriorating from day to day. Gas for domestic cooking is gradually shorting in the Country. The amount to be spent on the 200 supporters to Angola could have been essentially used domestically and profitably.