Prez Akufo-Addo Authenticates Association of NPP Regional Chairman’s Aides 2018 Outstanding Performers Awards

A couple of months ago, the members of the Association of NPP  Regional Chairmen's aides undertook a vigorous opinion polls to find out which of the current ministers in the Akuffo Addo led government were outstanding in the 2018 year under review. 

This award from us to the Honorable Agric Minister was vindicated by the President during the delivery of the 'State of Nation Address' in parliament yesterday. 

We gathered through our polls that majority of party faithful, and Ghanaians in generally rated the Honorable Agric Minister as the topmost performer in 2018 amongst other outstanding Ministers in the current NPP government.

Though our credible awards received a lot of commendations from some individuals and organisations and also, it was undoubtedly accepted by the grassroots, since the teaming majority believed that Hon. Afriyie Akoto deserved the award.

But, during all these moments, we waited patiently as a unit for President Akufo Addo to finally authenticate our top performers rating. 

As the President, he tasked these Ministers to their roles and also, he is that very person these Ministers reports to. 

So, it was prudent and refreshing to hear from the final Assessor of these Ministers. During his delivery of the State of the Nation Address in parliament yesterday, he singled out the Honorable Agric Minister and showered him a lot of praise. 

It was refreshing to us as an association, since, this form of praise by the President goes to confirm the credibility of our top performers’ award. 

Andy Owusu 
Convener, Association of NPP Regional Chairmen's Aides