No Regrets For Normalisation Committee Chief - Dr Kofi Amoah

Normalisation Committee president Dr Kofi Amoah says despite failing to organize the Special Competition, he does not regret putting it up for consideration. 

Dr Amoah and his team hit the skids after disagreeing with Premier League clubs over budget details, fixtures and payment of players.

The businessman claims the four-member committee has learnt their lessons.

''I see that some of the reasons why Ghana football went into the gutter are the same reasons why the tournament never started,'' Dr. Amoah said.

''Therefore it has become clear to me that maybe the better wise way to go is to take your time to reform, make all the changes, bring the strength into it, get the approval and then you can play the football by the guidelines of the new statutes and then things will be better.

''I don't regret it because we were doing it with the purity of our hearts and desire to help our football community. But we all learn from happenstances and this happenstance has shown us that the better way to have gone was to finish the reform before playing football.''