AMAA Awards Nomination Party Comes To Ghana

This year's edition of the prestigious African Movie Academy Awards (AMAA) is coming to Ghana with a lot of expectations. Ryte Concepts, the company behind the awards in Ghana, says it will be holding its annual nomination party in Accra, Ghana on February 26. The awards show is anticipated to attract a lot of movie stakeholders from Nigeria, Ghana and other African countries. This is however not the first time organizers have been to Ghana. Last year they met with a section of Ghanaian producers and directors, and the major questions that were raised at the event were on how the event could be held in Ghana and how Ghanaian movies are treated at the awards. It is however not clear what issues will crop up this year. The AMAA is an offshoot of the African Film Academy. It is founded on the best film tradition and is geared towards research, training and propagating film-making in Africa. Behind it are film producers, directors, designers, writers, critics and scholars who share in the belief of a renaissance of the African film industry. AMAA is thus conceptualized as an annual celebration of the brightest and the best in African movie. It is about class and style, blitz, glitz and razzmatazz. It is the biggest gathering of moviemakers across the African continent and the Diaspora. It is also to show the world that the rating of Nollywood (Nigeria) as the third largest producers of movie is real. The deadline for all submissions was December 30, 2009; the late entry deadline was January 7, 2010. After nominations are announced in Ghana this month, the award ceremony will be held on April 10, 2010 and it will be televised across the world. The venue for the ceremony has however not been confirmed yet