Strategic Energy Forum's Petition To The Special Prosecutor Against Dr. K.K Sarpong Is Baseless

The relentless yelling by a group called Strategic Energy Forum calling on the president and the special prosecutor to probe Dr. K.K Sarpong is neither here nor there. The accusation by the group saying Dr. K.K Sarpong is trying to assume the procurement function of the Corporation's Chief Finance Officer it a total fallacy.

As the Head of Entity for procurement, he delegated his function to the Corporation’s CFO and upon several queries from Public Procurement Authorities on the inefficiencies from the Procurement Department of GNPC he dissolved the Entity Tender Committee to enable him to reconstitute same for efficiency.

The purchase of a building to be used as staff quarters at Takoradi which he has been accused by Strategic Energy Forum as involving himself with conflict of interest was also recommended by Board’s subcommittee chaired by MR Kwabena Kwakye after series of negotiations.

Dr. K.K Sarpong who is the Chief Executive Officer was not part of the committee which did the search and negotiations, the C.E.O recused himself from both the search and negotiations.

Dr. K.K during all meetings of the board to consider purchase recused himself, the Chief Executive Officer did not take part and there is Board minutes to attest to that effect. The entire board including it's chairman Freddy Blay but EXCLUDING Dr. K.K Sarpong made the decision to purchase the property.

Why should Dr. K.K Sarpong be probed? The board members who made the decision should be probed. The so-called Forum does not understand the issues pertaining to the purchase so they should go and do their homework well before they jump into conclusion.

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