Herbert Mensah Appointed To Africa’s Rugby Board

Herbert Mensah, President and Board Chairman of Ghana Rugby, has been incorporated as Representative of the newly elected Rugby Africa Board.

This step followed after a new Board was elected for Rugby Africa in Marrakech-Morocco on March 2, 2019.

The officers of the Executive Board were elected ex-officio, unopposed.

They are president: Khaled Babbou (Tunisia); Vice President: Andrew Owor (Uganda) Treasurer: Tano Elvis (Ivory Coast) Secretary General: Jurie Roux (South Africa)

The 27 voting members, by secret ballot, elected the seven officers of the following Executive Committee (EXCO):

Rolande Boro (Burkina Faso), Aaron Jani (Zimbabwe), Clement Sinkamba (Zambia), Nasser Bougja (Morocco), Herman MʼBonyo (DRC), Paulina Lanco (Burundi), Guedel NʼDiaye (Senegal).

Herbert Mensah was invited to the first Board meeting of the new Executive Committee where the new President, Khaled Babbou, announced his appointment.

Ghana Rugby withdrew all its six nominations for the election prior to the commencement of the elections after which the newly elected President, Khaled Babbou, brought Mensah to the front of proceedings and lifted his hand in acknowledgement of the signal by Mensah and Ghana Rugby that it will support the new Board in the interest of Rugby in Africa.

When asked Mensah stated that unity was more important if Africa Rugby was to tackle its compliance, constitutional and data management issues which would strengthen the image and assist with the issue of raising much needed independent funds for the continent!

According to Mr. Mensah, the General meeting was preceded by intense discussions with Babbou and other key stakeholders and the withdrawal of nominations followed after assurances were given that he will be brought into the fold and that a total review of the Rugby Africa Constitution will be high on the agenda of the New Board.

Mr. Mensah said, “in order to ensure that the Constitution safeguards the interests of all Members and provides scope for the Board to expand its capabilities it has become essential to review the constitution in totality.”

Mr Mensah said that he has also been given the assurance that an urgent investigation into the adoption of an online rugby management system for all Africa Rugby Unions will be investigated.